Medien des Entbergens. Zur Materialität und Agentialität von Porträtjuwelen der Renaissance

Marianne Koos

This paper examines the materiality and agency of late 16th-century English portrait jewels from an image anthropological, material semantic, and gender specific perspective. Portrait jewels are particularly complex artifacts, both in terms of materiality and media, unfolding their very semantics and agency (power to act and initiative to act) only in the process of being handled – opening and
closing, revealing and concealing, turning and transforming. In reference to the specific focus of this volume (‘Different Aesthetics’, the intersection of design and social practice), the question of agency is addressed on three levels: first, with regard to the material (as it is discussed in pre-modern writingson art); second, with regard to the containers, the technical construction and figurative design of those protective vessels, in which portrait miniatures were kept in the Renaissance; and third with regard to those persons that handled / produced these material artifacts. The agency is hereby located neither in the material nor in the artist or the viewers alone, but in the in between, i. e. in the relation and interaction that arises between (non-human) image objects and (human) subjects in the process of production or of handling / viewing the objects.

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