Research Network "Gender and Agency"

The research network "Gender and Agency" aims at bringing together scientists at the University of Vienna with a focus on gender studies. It continues ongoing cooperation in the field of gender-research at the University of Vienna and will initiate new disciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects, as well as joint research foci.

The emphasis on "Gender and Agency" sets an innovative future profile in gender research within the University of Vienna, ranging from the analysis of the foundations of discrimination to concepts and policies of agency as well as de-hierarchization gender. The research network further develops an innovative intersectional approach on "Gender and Agency", both theoretical and methodological.

The research network helps to deepen, expand and to further connect an already existing interdisciplinary gender research infrastructure within the University of Vienna through conferences, workshops, research projects and publications.

The research network also reinforces national and international cooperation as well as it supports and connects young scholars with an interdisciplinary perspective.


Spokesperson: Mag.a Elisabeth Holzleithner, Department of Legal Philosophy

Deputy Spokespersons:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Benke, LL.M., Department of Roman Law and Antique Legal History Gabriella Hauch, Department of History Birgit Sauer, Department of Political Science

Contact: Research Network Gender and Agency

T +43-1-4277-41223